Tony Clare

Mitigation Technician

Hometown: Gloucester, VA

Tony works as a Lead Technician at American Restoration. He has over 20 years’ experience in the field, and excels at helping clients and fixing their disaster problems. Prior to joining our team, Tony worked for Werner Enterprises as a Truck Driver, and has his CDL License from the Tennessee Truck Driving School. Tony has three sons, Andy, Kerry, and Casey. When he isn’t working, he loves watching sports on TV.

Tony Clare
Tony Clare
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Maiden, NC

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Aug 1st, 2018

Jobs Completed by Tony Clare

Commercial Fire in Salisbury, NC
Salisbury, NC

January 26, 2018
Solution Provided: The American Restoration team worked several nights from Midnight to 7am, to minimize interference with normal operations, in order to clean the smoke and soot from the building. Using scissor lifts, our team was able to reach the ceiling and beams to clean off all traces of soot. Our team was able to complete the job in less than a week, helping the client get back up and running as soon as possible.

Bathroom Leak in Shelby, NC
Shelby, NC

December 29, 2017
Solution Provided: American Restoration removed the wet vinyl in the bathroom and the wet laminate in the bedrooms and hallway. We pulled the insulation, which was ruined by water damage, from under the house and set up containment so potential hazards didn't spread throughout the home. We then set up dehumidifiers inside the house and underneath the house, and placed fans inside the house to dry the sub-floor.

Water & Mold Damage in Shelby, NC
Shelby, NC

Not Completed Yet
Solution Provided: The American Restoration team removed the contaminated cabinets and drywall, set up containment around the affected areas, and installed an air scrubber. In the crawlspace our team installed dryers and dehumidifiers to remove all traces of moisture from underneath the home. The images are a great example of what can happen when water damage is not properly mitigated. When left untreated, wet areas inside and underneath a home can lead to extensive mold growth, which can cause a number of health issues. Luckily, our team responds 24/7, and has the proper tools and training to decontaminate and repair mold-damaged homes.