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Reviewed By: JoAnn R.
Location: Shelby, NC 28150

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Comment I had a really good results with American Restoration in Shelby N.C . They was hired to clean and remove Mold from the house, i had never seen mold i had no idea what it looked like and didn't know it came in different colors, i have a spare bedroom i use only for company most people do,i keep my dress clothes in that closet i open it only to take out and put in Sunday clothes i wear to church ( BUT NOT ANY MORE THEY ARE MOSTLY GONE.) so are our shoes, bedding i could go on and on.....i called my insurance company sure they would help replace some of my loss, they said i was covered and sent out a adjuster, he checked everything wrote his report and sent it in, we waited for them to call us but no call so i called them, and was told that they would not pay because his report said he could find no reason for the mold, if we had a leak in a pipe something to show a reason for the mold it would cover it REALLY , so they closed the case. This happened so fast it was was like over night and i am still in shock, i keep a very clean house but not to the point that i turn my night stands over and clean the bottom of them, or pull the bed out from the wall and clean behind it, or turn other furniture over, you get the point. American Restoration in Shelby N.C was hired to get rid of the mold and fix something so it can't come back. while under the house checking to see if they could find a reason for so much water under the house,( the same water was under there when the insurance adjuster looked at it and couldn't find any way the water under there so he said it was from rain) turns out when the plumber replaced some pipes he didn't glue them together so they were hanging open and all of the water from my washing machine, dishwasher and kitchen sink was running under the house, funny how something like that could be missed by the adjuster. the men from American Restoration found it right away, everything under the house had to be replaced, the whole inside cleaned it was more work than i could believe, those men who worked long hours until everything was finished. We have been married 57 years and have had a lot of people working in our house doing different things but Never any one like Kaleb Edmondson and Robert Wintle they when above and beyond what we would have expected, well mannered, courteous and always remembered to tell me when i was depressed everything was going to turn out good. ( i need them to stop buy everyday and still remind me lol ) I wish i could have a chance to tell their parents what wonderful son's they have, two of the best young men we have ever met, The last day they worked and was finished they both came in to say good by, my husband said to them I am glad the work is finished but i am sorry to see you go. It was wonderful to have them here, every thing was done right and in order. YES we would use American Restoration anytime and be happy to tell anyone our experience with them and ask for Kaleb Edmondson and Robert Wintle both of them would be welcome at our house anytime.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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