Wild Fire & Indoor Air Quality Restoration in Gastonia & Shelby, NC

An indoor fire may spread very quickly in every direction. Just like a wildfire in the forest, it can bring destruction all around your property. When a fire like this hits your home or business, American Restoration Disaster Specialist has the tools and skills to restore your property to its original condition. We have extensive experience when it comes to fire damage restoration and has been serving our customers since 1971. Call us at 855-432-2728 or click here when you need professional restoration for your fire-damaged property.

Fire damage restoration services we offer to rebuild your residential or commercial property include:

Quick Fire Damage Restoration Services

As wildfire spreads across your property into different rooms, you need prompt fire damage restoration to quickly recover. Your walls, floors, furniture, and other structures may be affected, which our team can effectively repair. Alongside, we also take care of smoke, soot, as well as water damage from your property.

To ensure a quick recovery for you, we:

  • Remove debris
  • Move salvageable contents
  • Board up & tarp your property
  • Provide structural restoration
  • Mitigate water damage
  • Remove lingering soot
  • Eliminate smoke odor
  • Assist with insurance claim

Improving Indoor Air Quality

A burnt property continues to smell bad even after restoring structural damages and needs additional care to improve the air quality. Spending long periods of time inside such an environment may induce health issues. To ensure your indoor air quality is returned to a healthy state, count on the specialist from American Restoration Disaster Specialist.

Restore Your Home from Wild Fire with American Restoration Disaster Specialist

Our team serves Charlotte, Tryon, Huntersville, Ellenboro, and more areas in Cleveland County and surrounding areas. We have the resources & expertise necessary to help you recover from the unfortunate condition you are in at affordable prices. Let us rebuild your residential or commercial property for you, call us at 855-432-2728 TODAY or contact us online 24/7.

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