Water, Fire and Disaster Restoration Services in Shelby

Since 1971, American Restoration has served the Shelby and the surrounding areas of Cleveland County as the region’s leading disaster restoration specialist.

At American Restoration, we are not just a group of employees; we are a team dedicated to providing our clients the best possible service while returning your lives back to normal. Whether it is fire, smoke and soot damage or water or sewer damage, we use the latest technologies and techniques to mitigate any damages that have occurred in your home or business. We are a licensed and certified restoration company and hold contractor licenses in both North and South Carolina.

American Restoration Services in Shelby

Whether your crisis is related to water, fire, biohazard, or any other disaster-related scenario; we are here for you and can handle restoration jobs of any size. Services we offer include:

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At American Restoration, it is our passion to help you in a time of need and we will guide you through the restoration process, assisting you in returning your life or business operations back to normal in a timely manner. We’re also available 24/7, whenever disaster strikes.

When you need disaster restoration services in Shelby, contact us at 855-432-2728!

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Customer Reviews from Shelby
S. E from Shelby, NC
5 Stars
May 18th, 2018
Awesome company to work with! Great communication from beginning to end!
D S from Shelby, NC
5 Stars
May 10th, 2018
Everyone was so professional. They came in quickly and did their job professionally. Benita Rowland was awesome to work with. She truly cares about the clients. American Restoration helped us through the entire process. I definitely recommend them!!
B J from Shelby, NC
5 Stars
Feb 26th, 2018
Outstanding Service as usual
T. L from Shelby, NC
5 Stars
Feb 20th, 2018
I had a flood in my house a few years ago. I called American Restoration. They came within one half hour! I had a water line break and my upper and lower floors were flooded and a mess. They were efficient and fixed everything. They worked with my insurance agent and I never saw a bill except my deductible. I highly recommend!
R M from Shelby Nc 28150,
5 Stars
Jan 30th, 2018
Have used them several times and never disappointed. Great job from beginning to end.
B D from Shelby, NC
5 Stars
Jan 26th, 2018
I own a Commercial Investment Real Estate Company. We needed an upfit for a local owner to comply with a lease to a National Tenant. After receiving Bids from 3 companies, American Restoration was slightly lower...but Professionalism was WAY above and beyond the others. I handed it off to them, and I was able to forget about it until the Certificate of Occupancy comes in. To coin a military phrase...it was "Fire and Forget". Hard to beat that! Go Mason!
B D from Shelby, NC
5 Stars
Jan 26th, 2018
I own a real estate company. I referred American Restoration to my pickiest client, in Casar, NC, that blames me if things go poorly with a referral. The client thanked me and remarked about American Restoration's professionalism.
B D from Shelby, NC
5 Stars
Jan 26th, 2018
I wish everyone was as easy to work with as American Restoration. Mason and all of his staff are ultimate professionals. I recommend him to my clients...especially those that are extremely picky and would blame me for the recommendation if things went badly... Mason protects my reputation.
R. J from Shelby, NC
5 Stars
Dec 5th, 2017
I had a really good results with American Restoration in Shelby N.C . They was hired to clean and remove Mold from the house, i had never seen mold i had no idea what it looked like and didn't know it came in different colors, i have a spare bedroom i use only for company most people do,i keep my dress clothes in that closet i open it only to take out and put in Sunday clothes i wear to church ( BUT NOT ANY MORE THEY ARE MOSTLY GONE.) so are our shoes, bedding i could go on and on.....i called my insurance company sure they would help replace some of my loss, they said i was covered and sent out a adjuster, he checked everything wrote his report and sent it in, we waited for them to call us but no call so i called them, and was told that they would not pay because his report said he could find no reason for the mold, if we had a leak in a pipe something to show a reason for the mold it would cover it REALLY , so they closed the case. This happened so fast it was was like over night and i am still in shock, i keep a very clean house but not to the point that i turn my night stands over and clean the bottom of them, or pull the bed out from the wall and clean behind it, or turn other furniture over, you get the point. American Restoration in Shelby N.C was hired to get rid of the mold and fix something so it can't come back. while under the house checking to see if they could find a reason for so much water under the house,( the same water was under there when the insurance adjuster looked at it and couldn't find any way the water under there so he said it was from rain) turns out when the plumber replaced some pipes he didn't glue them together so they were hanging open and all of the water from my washing machine, dishwasher and kitchen sink was running under the house, funny how something like that could be missed by the adjuster. the men from American Restoration found it right away, everything under the house had to be replaced, the whole inside cleaned it was more work than i could believe, those men who worked long hours until everything was finished. We have been married 57 years and have had a lot of people working in our house doing different things but Never any one like Kaleb Edmondson and Robert Wintle they when above and beyond what we would have expected, well mannered, courteous and always remembered to tell me when i was depressed everything was going to turn out good. ( i need them to stop buy everyday and still remind me lol ) I wish i could have a chance to tell their parents what wonderful son's they have, two of the best young men we have ever met, The last day they worked and was finished they both came in to say good by, my husband said to them I am glad the work is finished but i am sorry to see you go. It was wonderful to have them here, every thing was done right and in order. YES we would use American Restoration anytime and be happy to tell anyone our experience with them and ask for Kaleb Edmondson and Robert Wintle both of them would be welcome at our house anytime.
A V from Shelby, NC
5 Stars
Dec 4th, 2014
This review was previously removed by yelp and i dont know why but i want people to know how satisfied I was with the work that was done for me so I am posting it again!

A few weeks ago my mechanic accidentally left my car window open in a rain storm, I didn't find out for several days. By the time I got my car it stunk and was growing mildew! I would like to send a HUGE thank you to everyone at American Restoration for working their magic and returning my car to me as good as new!
Completed Jobs from Shelby
Mold Growth Beside Cabinet Water & Mold Damage in Shelby, NC
Not Completed Yet
The American Restoration team removed the contaminated cabinets and drywall, set up containment around the affected areas, and installed an air scrubber. In the crawlspace our team installed dryers and dehumidifiers to remove all traces of moisture from underneath the home. The images are a great example of what can happen when water damage is not properly mitigated. When left untreated, wet areas inside and underneath a home can lead to extensive mold growth, which can cause a number of health issues. Luckily, our team responds 24/7, and has the proper tools and training to decontaminate and repair mold-damaged homes.
Before Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in Shelby NC - Kitchen Residential Fire in Shelby, NC
July 31, 2017
American Restoration handled the board up of her home as soon as it was safe to enter, preventing further damage to the property. We cleaned and restored contents, including clothing, shoes, and valuables. We repaired the damages and removed the smoke odor from the home.
Before - Water Under Hallway Floor Bathroom Leak in Shelby, NC
December 29, 2017
American Restoration removed the wet vinyl in the bathroom and the wet laminate in the bedrooms and hallway. We pulled the insulation, which was ruined by water damage, from under the house and set up containment so potential hazards didn't spread throughout the home. We then set up dehumidifiers inside the house and underneath the house, and placed fans inside the house to dry the sub-floor.