Water Damaged Floor Restoration in Shelby, Rutherfordton, Gastonia & Surrounding Areas

Restoring water-damaged floors depends on what kind of flooring is damaged and the type of water.  It's important to assess how much of the floor is damaged and whether the water has leaked through the surface and reached the subflooring. If the water hasn't gone beyond the surface level and your flooring material is durable such as tile, you won’t have too many problems with the cleanup. However, in the case of carpet, hardwood flooring, and laminate flooring restoration is a bit more time-intensive and requires more extensive measures to restore it. 

No matter the type of flooring or the extent of water damage American Restoration has professionals who can restore your water-damaged floor effectively with customer satisfaction. If you are living in greater Bowling Green, Spartanburg, Rutherfordton, York, and surrounding areas. and your floor is water damaged by a natural disaster, or leaky pipe, or other cause, we solution for all.

Even if the water damage is not that significant and the rest of the home seems free from moisture, still it’s important to make sure that your floors are properly cleaned and restored. Do not leave your floors to air dry as doing so will be an invitation for mold to grow and cause damaging effects.

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How Fast Can Water Damage Get Worse

When your floor gets exposed to water, you need to act fast. There are both immediate and gradual side effects of floor water damage. If your flooring is saturated enough then the damage is going to be immediate and irreversible. The longer water sits the worsen the damage will be. Mold can begin to grow only within 48 hours after water damage occurs. In fact, mold spores take only 12 hours to germinate, and potentially within one day, the mold colonizes. Therefore, it is important to begin cleanup and restoration as soon as possible.

Restore Your Water Damaged Floor With American Restoration

If you encounter any water damage emergencies contact the experts at American Restoration for professional help. We restore any damage done to your home or office by water. When you have questions or want to schedule your cleanup service, call us at 855-432-2728 or contact us online. For years, we have been the go-to restoration company for customers in Shelby, Rutherfordton, Gastonia, and their surrounding areas.