Washer Line Break Repairs in Charlotte, NC, and York, SC

A washing machine and dryer in your home is a convenience that people nowadays cannot do without. Having the capability to wash clothes at home helps you save time and effort, which in turn allows you to spend more quality time with your family and doing other worthwhile endeavors. While a washing machine is an appliance that is necessary to a home, it is not without its problems.

One problem that homeowners may face with their washing machine is when the washer line breaks. This is more than just an inconvenience since it can bring with it water damage that can affect not only your laundry area but the rest of your home as well.

Problems You Will Encounter When Your Washer Line Breaks

Some water line breaks are very obvious and can be easily seen when you notice water gushing from the connector. Other water line breaks are more subtle and begins with a small leak that slowly creates huge water damage problems that you don’t discover until it is too late.

Some of the problems you will find yourself facing when water damage occurs due to your washing machine’s line break include:

  • Mold growth – if the leak has gone undetected and the water damage has been around for more than a week, the possibility of mold growth underneath your floorboards and in the walls behind your washing machine is high.
  • Rotting floorboards and walls – walls and floors that have been soaking up leaking water from your washer line will also need to be taken care of if the leak has been happening unnoticed for some time.
  • Electrical issues – you may also experience short circuits and problems with electrical lines that are inside your walls if your washer line breaks and soaks the walls behind your washing machine.

What to Do When Your Washer Line Breaks

It does not matter what kind of washer line break you experience. Whether your washing machine’s washer line breaks suddenly and sends gushing water all over your floor, or you discover that it has been leaking and has created water damage behind and underneath your washing machine. You need to address this problem immediately to prevent further problems from emerging.

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In Charlotte, NC, and York, SC the company to call when you have washer line break issues is American Restoration Disaster Specialists. Aside from being a company that specializes in disaster restoration, we also handle all kinds of water damage issues that you may have. Whether you have water damage due to a busted frozen pipe, or a flooded basement due to lack of ample waterproofing, we have the trained personnel and the equipment needed to properly handle such problems.

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