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Completed Job for Bathroom Leak in Shelby, NC

  • Completion Date: December 29, 2017
  • Location: Shelby, NC

Why did the customer contact us?

This client contacted American Restoration after discovering a leak in the sink's plumbing had flooded his guest bathroom. Water not only seeped into the bathroom flooring, but it had damaged flooring in two bedrooms, a hallway and a closet. He had vinyl and laminate flooring affected. Water damage of this extent should always be handled by a professional to mitigate the current damage and prevent future mold growth in and around these rooms.

Solutions provided:

American Restoration removed the wet vinyl in the bathroom and the wet laminate in the bedrooms and hallway. We pulled the insulation, which was ruined by water damage, from under the house and set up containment so potential hazards didn't spread throughout the home. We then set up dehumidifiers inside the house and underneath the house, and placed fans inside the house to dry the sub-floor.

Team members on this project:

Dusty Melton, Jacob Lemley

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