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Completed Job for Board Up, Tarping & Reconstruction in Sherrills Ford, NC

  • Completion Date: April 16, 2019
  • Location: Sherrills Ford, NC

Why did the customer contact us?

A major windstorm swept through the Hickory Metropolitan Area, causing a tree to fall onto the property owner's detached garage/workshop. The tree left a hole approximately 20 feet wide in the roof, and damaged two corner walls.

Solutions provided:

After we received the call for the job, our team headed out to Sherrills Ford with the necessary supplies to secure the detached garage. As soon as the tree was removed from the structure, the crew was ready to begin. They pulled away damaged boards and metal sheeting, and carefully boarded up the open walls and roof of the property, and secured tarps to prevent rain from potentially seeping into the structure. The extensive storm damage was no match for our fast-acting crew. With the structure now secure and dry, our team will be able to move into the reconstruction phase, where they will return the structure to it's pre-disaster condition.

Team members on this project:

Mike Ervin

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