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Completed Job for Commercial Fire in Salisbury, NC

  • Completion Date: January 26, 2018
  • Location: Salisbury, NC

Why did the customer contact us?

This commercial client experienced a fire in one of their delivery trucks that was offloading at one of their warehouse loading docks. Smoke and soot were sucked into the building by the refrigeration units mounted in the 27' tall ceiling, resulting in smoke and soot being spread throughout the large warehouse.

Solutions provided:

The American Restoration team worked several nights from Midnight to 7am, to minimize interference with normal operations, in order to clean the smoke and soot from the building. Using scissor lifts, our team was able to reach the ceiling and beams to clean off all traces of soot. Our team was able to complete the job in less than a week, helping the client get back up and running as soon as possible.

Team members on this project:

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