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Completed Job for Residential Containment

  • Location: Spartanburg, SC

Why did the customer contact us?

After noticing buckled flooring in the laundry room, the property owner called in a plumber to investigate. The plumber identified a dripping hot water valve as the source of the moisture.

Solutions provided:

On a mold job, the first and most important step is to set up proper containment. This ensures that no other areas will be affected by the present mold. Once containment is in place, our team sets up an air scrubber on negative pressure. Creating a negative pressure environment keeps mold and dust particles within the containment wall. Air always moves from a high-pressure area to a low-pressure area, so only clean, uncontaminated air will be able to move into the workspace. Once this has been established, remediation begins. Our team uses a special HEPA vacuum to remove the mold, then wipes the area down with an anti-microbial solution. The affected surface is then cut away and double-bagged for disposal. The interior of the chamber (in this case, above the basement ceiling) is also HEPA vacuumed, and thoroughly wiped with the anti-microbial solution.

Team members on this project:

Jacob Lemley

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