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Completed Job for Sewer Loss in Gastonia, NC

  • Completion Date: July 12, 2019
  • Location: Gastonia, NC

Why did the customer contact us?

This home was in need of repairs to the plumbing in the crawlspace, however, fecal matter was found creating a hazardous situation. The property manager contacted American Restoration, knowing we could fully mitigate and clean the area.

Solutions provided:

When our Project Manager arrived on site, he noted approximately 3-4 inches of standing water in the highest areas in the crawlspace. Sewage was found throughout, and needed immediate attention. Mitigation technicians were dispatched to the job site, where they began to extract and dry the area. Once ready, our techs applied lime throughout the crawlspace, and then installed new plastic lining.

Team members on this project:

Jacob Lemley

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