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Completed Job for Storm Damage in Lincolnton, NC

  • Completion Date: July 20, 2019
  • Location: Lincolnton, NC

Why did the customer contact us?

A major summer storm passed through Lincolnton, leaving damage in its wake. At this particular home, excessive rain and wind compromised the shingles, causing damage and creating a leak that allowed rain to soak into the wood, through the interior ceiling, and into living room, creating a need for structural repairs and water mitigation services.

Solutions provided:

Our Temporary Tarping Crew responded moments after the call came in, knowing that every second matters in a situation like this. Once on site, with the affected area identified and debris out of the way, our team covered the damaged section of the roof with a specialized reinforced plastic sheeting to patch the hole and prevent any further water damage. The sheeting was carefully fastened to the roof so that leaks could not penetrate the seams.

Team members on this project:

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