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What Are The Causes of Wildfires?

In dry seasons, the woods and leaves in a jungle become too withered. When a large area with a lot of wood and leaves becomes too dehydrated, together they become very sensitive to any kind of fire contact. Even the slightest spark of fire can spread throughout an extensive amount of area in a very short amount of time. 

This specific type of fiery incident is called wildfire. Some forests are exceptionally prone to events like these. Wildfires cause a lot of trees to burn to ashes every single year.

There are two major types of reasons behind wildfires-

1. Human-related Causes

There are some most common errors done by humans that can trigger a wildfire. These are-

  • Careless Smoking: This is often the most common reason behind wildfires. When someone forgets to put off the fire from the cigarette butt and throws it around randomly, it gets in contact with the dry leaves. Soon enough, the whole area is put on fire before anyone can do anything about it.
  • Campfires: Another very common reason is campfires that haven't been taken care of afterward. Many times the fire retains and starts spreading, and once it has started, there is no turning back from the casualties.
  • Fireworks: In any kind of celebration, fireworks are the most common celebration material. Although, they are not very environment-friendly. One misdirected firework is enough to set an entire jungle on fire.

2. Natural Causes

  • Lighting Strikes: Although it is a comparatively rare phenomenon, lightning strikes are not totally impossible in dry seasons. This can ignite a tree in a blink of an eye, which is quite enough for a wildfire to take place.
  • Eruptions: Volcanoes are infamous for spreading fires enormously. Eruptions from any type of volcano can immediately trigger dangerous wildfires in an instant.

Aftereffects of Wildfire

Wildfires can cause a huge amount of damage to the natural system in a forest area. The most common aftereffects are-

  • Critical Impact on Biodiversity: Wildfires burn through a huge number of trees and destroy the habitats of the flora and fauna of the entire forest.
  • Degradation of Forests: Hundreds and thousands of trees and vegetation get wiped out during a wildfire, resulting in the degradation of the entire forest.

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  • Pollution: The smoke that emits from the burning trees spreads carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases. Not only does breathing these smoke pollutants harm the human body directly, but also it causes a big impact on the global warming process.
  • Impact on Human Lives: Many tribal people and also other dwellings around the forest depend on the resources that the forest provides. The impact of wildfires on their lives is dire, and it causes terrible financial and other losses.
  • Soil Degradation: The soils of the forests are very fertile and full of nutrients. The microorganisms that are responsible for this fertility get destroyed by wildfire.

What To Do Afterwards?

If your property or belongings have been damaged by the wildfire, try your best to deal with the initial damage and extinguish the fire as soon as you can possibly manage. After the fire has been extinguished, you will need professional assistance to restore fire damage properly.

To restore your property back to its finest possible condition, please call for emergency restoration services from American Restoration. Just call 855-432-2728, and we will take all the necessary steps to deal with your situation immediately.