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Christmas Fire Threats and Holiday

An unexpected house fire during the winter holidays can quickly put an end to any plans for joyous family gatherings. American families living in Lincolnton, Gastonia, and other areas around the service area can face a horrible experience if there is a Christmas fire that can wreck the holiday spirit.

This holiday season, we must be cautious in the face of fire dangers that might put an immediate end to the festivities by destroying Christmas trees, hampering the enjoyment of eggnog and cookies, and, worst of all, engulfing gifts in flames. Here in this article, we will be presenting the home fire threats of Christmas.

Potential Source of Health Hazards

Here are some of the potential sources of health hazards in your home-

Candles: Christmas trees, upholstered chairs, and other combustible items should be kept far away from any candles. Candles should not be placed where children or dogs may easily knock them over. Accidental candle fires may be dangerous, especially if they occur while no one is home to put them out. Never leave a candle alone; it might easily catch fire.

Portable heaters: There is a fire danger associated with using portable heaters inside the home. You should keep your portable heater at least three feet away from any flammable materials, such as drapes or a Christmas tree. Recent electric space heaters include safety features including an automatic shutdown when they are knocked over and programmable thermostats to limit their use and the danger of fire. It is safest to use only approved extension cords when plugging in a portable heater.

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