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Common Causes of Fire

Fire is a leading cause of death and property in the residential and commercial sectors. Many lives were lost because of fire, many people fell into poverty due to property loss. It may happen to you as well, but if you are careful enough, you can mitigate the damage to a considerable margin. Your precaution can save lives, buildings, and property.

Leading Causes That Ignite Fire 

There are several reasons why fire damage occurs in residential and commercial places. Here are some of them you should aware of-

  • Electrical equipment: Electrical equipment can be a potential fire hazard. Overheating, poorly connected circuits, and aged equipment may cause significant fire damage to your house and workplace.
  • Appliance malfunction: Any appliance that produces heat (such as heaters, clothes dryers, and computers) or warms up over time (such as fans and computers) poses a risk of catching fire. Unattended cooking equipment is a common source of preventable fires.
  • Smoking: One of the most common causes of fire is negligent smoking habits. People often fall asleep while smoking. They risk setting their bed, chair, or couch on fire. Discarding hot ash in the trash can is another reason for fire damage.
  • Chemicals: Natural gas or propane gas sources can quickly start home fires. An accidental spark and a little leak can produce an explosive condition. Dangerous chemicals can also cause combustion. Thus, it's crucial to carry out such work outside the home.
  • Children: Children tend to be playful. They always show curiosity about everything. They often play with matches and cause fire damage to households.

Let The Best Fire Restoration Company Restore Your Property to Its Pre-loss State

You don't know when the fire will cause severe damage to your respective places. It is advised to take precautions for damage mitigation. If your residence or workplace is seriously damaged by fire you can call experts from American Restoration Disaster Specialists. We have certified experts who have years of experience in fire damage restoration. We offer a free estimation and cost-effective service. We provide smoke & soot restoration, smoke odor removal, duct cleaning, fire board-up service, and many more. If your house is situated in Gastonia, Shelby, Lincolnton, and surrounding areas you can call us at 855-432-2728, or you can contact us online by clicking here.

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