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Practice Safety with Space Heaters

Posted on: Tuesday November 1, 2022 at 1:25 PM
Practice Safety with Space Heaters

Small space heaters are frequently used as supplementary sources of heat, and are especially popular in homes and offices during cooler weather. They can, if not used properly, be a fire hazard. If you use a space heater or plan to purchase one, keep our simple tips in mind.

  • Keep all space heaters at least 3 feet away from household combustibles.
  • Inspect the heater's cord periodically to look for frayed wire or damaged insulation. Do not use a space heater with a damaged cord.
  • Do not use extension cords with space heaters.
  • Heaters should be placed on a flat, level surface. Do not place heaters on furniture since they may fall and become damaged.
  • Unless the heater is designed for use outdoors or in bathrooms, do not use in damp, wet areas.

Liquid-Fueled Heaters

  • If you have a liquid-fueled space heater, use only the fuel recommended by the manufacturer. The wrong fuel could burn hotter than the equipment was designed for and cause a serious fire.
  • When refueling, turn off the heater and let it cool down completely before adding fuel. Wipe away any spills promptly.
  • Before you buy a kerosene heater, check with your local fire department to ensure that it is legal.
  • Remember! Space heaters are only meant to be used as supplementary sources of heat. They should never be used as the sole source of heat for your home or office.

When choosing a space heater, remember the following guidelines:

  • Choose a newer model that include all new safety features. It should carry a UL label.
  • Choose a heater with a controllable thermostat, which helps conserve energy and helps you avoid overheating a room.
  • Select a heater that is the proper size to heat the room.
  • Tip: Never leave your home or office while a space heater is on. Place notes throughout your home or office to remind you to turn-off portable heaters when you leave a room or go to bed