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What is a restoration company and what services do they provide?

Posted on: Monday October 19, 2020 at 3:40 PM

A restoration company is a company that specializes in structural and content repairs after a fire, smoke, water, sewer, bio hazard, textile, content or crime scene loss has occurred to a home or business. These type companies are trained to handle catastrophic situations and to work with the home and business owner as well as the insurance adjuster that has been assigned the loss. Unlike new construction contractors who often focus on one project at a time, restoration companies can be actively involved in 30 or more projects at once. This means that restoration projects often take longer than new construction projects and due to transition issues, there are times when no work is taking place.

When dealing with a sudden water loss that originates from a flooded tub, toilet, sink, dishwasher, clothes washer, water heater or a broken pipe, the restoration crew will make every effort to mitigate the standing water and dry the home or business, usually within 3 to 5 days, prior to the onset of mold and extensive structural damages. Often times ceilings have fallen, floors have buckled and walls will need to be removed, thus most restoration companies are well versed in content inventory and pack out procedures.

When dealing with a devastating fire to a home or business, a restoration company is capable of emergency content protection and structural board up services. The restorer often assists the victims with temporary clothing, food, housing and care for displaced family pets. Once the emergency work has been completed, usually within two days, the restorer begins the involved process of working with the home or business owner and their insurance adjuster to write a comprehensive repair estimate and begin work to restore the property.

Some restoration companies also provide textile, household/business content and fine art cleaning as well as storage services for these type items.

Restoration companies have a very difficult job and need to be sensitive to the needs of their clients as, most often, restoration is the direct result of a traumatic situation as opposed to a a planned and budgeted remodeling project. Many times customers experience a loss of irreplaceable items, and sometimes the loss of family members.

While restoration is a difficult profession it also offers numerous opportunities to help people when they are most in need of assistance. Very much like a firefighter, police officer or emergency room doctor; you hope you never need them but when you do, you're very thankful that they are there and skilled in their profession.