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Where There's Smoke, There's Damage

Posted on: Monday July 2, 2018 at 4:38 PM

Burned building When a fire is extinguished, property owners breathe a sigh of relief because the immediate danger has been stopped. What some people may not realize is that, in addition to the damages done by the blaze, there are other elements of a fire that can continue to damage parts of your home.

Smoke and soot are the primary elements that can damage your home long after the fire is gone. Smoke and soot can get into nooks and crannies, leaving behind noxious odors and causing corrosion that will destroy some items.

To help you spot damages caused by smoke and soot, here are some of the most common areas where they will strike your home:

  • Curtains, drapes, and upholstery – Anything fabric or upholstered items are easily damaged by smoke and soot. The acidic and oily qualities of soot stains and damage these items, while the smell of smoke usually cannot be removed without professional help.
  • Carpets and rugs – These floor coverings attract smoke and soot damages easily. Because soot is oily and the smell of smoke is difficult to remove with a standard carpet shampoo, it is best if a professional handles the task.
  • Wood furniture - Furniture made out of wood, wooden decorations, and wooden frames are also prone to soot and smoke damages. Soot, in particular, eats away at the wood because it is acidic.
  • Metal items – The same acidic quality of soot can damage metal items and cause corrosion and rust.

How to Deal with Items That Are Covered in Soot and Smell Like Smoke

After you have fire damage restoration done to your home in Cleveland County, you will also need to have items in your home treated by the experts from American Restoration Disaster Specialists for smoke and soot damage restoration. Our proven professionals can also handle water damage restoration and duct cleaning to totally remove any residue that may have been left during clean-up efforts following a fire.

Find out how we can help you when you experience such disasters by contacting us online or giving us a call at (980) 737-9118. Call us and we will happily assist you in getting your home back to its original condition.