Crime Scene Cleanup in Charlotte, NC, Hickory, NC, and York, SC

Crime Scene Cleanup in Shelby, Gastonia, Gaffney & Surrounding Areas

When the lights and sounds of the ambulances and police vehicles have faded into the distance, the people who are left to deal with the aftermath of a crime are often stunned and confused. Something truly awful has happened to a loved one or colleague – what happens next? Caught in between providing witness accounts to the authorities, filing insurance claims, and informing next of kin, some details can be easily forgotten – like cleaning up the crime scene.

Policemen, firefighters, and crime scene investigators are usually ill-equipped to handle a crime scene cleanup. This is why you should call American Restoration immediately, once the authorities have gathered all the evidence they need and given the go-ahead to clean up the place. Rest assured that with our extensive training and years of experience, we will have your Gaffney, South Carolina scene or surrounding area locations restored for some much-needed normalcy.

Why You Need Professionals to Clean Up a Crime Scene

Crime scenes may contain a lot of substances that we don’t usually encounter in our regular cleaning routines. These include

Blood and other body fluids and tissue remnants

Chemicals and other harmful liquids and gases

Gunpowder and other explosive residues

Soot and ash (in which case you may also need fire damage restoration services)

Fingerprint dusting powder and other evidence-gathering substances

Apart from needing special cleaning materials to thoroughly get rid of every last trace, these substances also require proper handling to avoid contamination or infection. Most of them are not recyclable, either, so they can’t be thrown in standard waste bins.

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We at American Restoration know how emotionally draining it can be to deal with a crime. That’s why we don’t just promise to quickly and efficiently get everything in order, we also ensure that we approach the process as discreetly and sensitively as possible.

Should you ever need to have a crime scene cleaned up in North or South Carolina, just give American Restoration a call at 855-432-2728 and leave the rest to us.

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