Methamphetamine Site Cleanup in Charlotte, NC, Hickory, NC, and York, SC

Methamphetamine Site Cleanup in Shelby, Lincolnton, Gastonia & Surrounding Areas

Most criminals don’t give much regard to the place where they perform their misdeeds. For example, methamphetamine “laboratories” could be set-up anywhere, from a small rental apartment, a house in a gated community, or even a budget motel along the road.

This can be damaging to your reputation as an upstanding, law-abiding citizen or business owner. What’s more, the chemicals used to create methamphetamine leave residues that can be quite difficult to remove. The drug itself, on the other hand, can be tricky to clean especially if it’s already in powdered form. 

If your property in Cliffside, North Carolina or surrounding areas in North Carolina or South Carolina has been affected by drug activities, call American Restoration immediately to restore your property. We have a comprehensive methamphetamine site cleanup service, which includes the assessment of the location for any and all impacts caused by the “cooking” process followed by a thorough decontamination. We will also provide a detailed report once the cleanup is finished.

How Much Waste Does Meth Leave Behind

Cleaning up a meth lab involves not only clearing out the drugs and cooking paraphernalia, but also removing the chemical waste that the ingredients leave behind: up to seven pounds of waste per pound of meth.

Lighter fluid, brake fluid, drain cleaners, and hydrochloric acid are just some of the chemicals used to make methamphetamine. When heated, these chemicals produce a combination of vapors that can be hazardous to your body, especially your lungs. Chemical residues can also seep into the walls, carpets, furniture, and air ducts, making it even more necessary to hire professionals to clean up a methamphetamine site.

Gardens and garages may also be in need of a cleanup, since the makers may have already buried or burned the ingredients and the drugs. A proper and thorough clean-up should be conducted immediately, especially since the chemicals can leach into the soil and poison plants and animals.

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Cleaning up a methamphetamine site can be a sensitive business indeed, not just because of the social and legal implications but also because of the hazardous materials involved. With American Restoration, you can trust our highly trained and certified team to handle the situation efficiently and professionally.

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