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Did you know that mold can spread through your whole property in just 48 to 72 hours? That’s quite alarming fact indeed, especially when you consider that mold is a primary allergen and can cause eye and skin irritations, nasal congestion, shortness of breath, and other mild to severe health problems. An accumulation of mold is also presenting both an aesthetic and a structural issue to your property.

Getting rid of mold isn’t as simple as scrubbing the affected area with soap and water. It won’t just be physically taxing, especially if the infestation has already spread, it may also prove to be futile since you have to remove the source of moisture (which mold loves and thrives in) first.

The solution in getting rid of a mold infestation in your North Carolina and South Carolina property is simple: just call the experts at American Restoration. Our IICRC certified team will not only clean and restore the affected rooms and furniture, we will also conduct structural drying and dehumidification to ensure that the mold will not grow back.

Where and How Molds Grow

While molds do need moisture to thrive, they can grow on other objects, surfaces, and locations that aren’t directly exposed to moisture or water. For example, you may be surprised to find mold on your clothes – perhaps the wall on the back of your closet has a leaking water pipe running through it. In addition, molds don’t need sunlight to survive so they can grow and spread easily in hidden areas for a long time. 

That’s why it’s best to have the professionals conduct a thorough check of your property to know the root cause of the mold infestation so that it can be dealt with properly. Here are some of the signs and health warnings that you should look out for:

Pervasive musty odors

Warped wood or flaky paint on walls and floors

Black, white, green, or brown specks that look or feel velvety or hairy

Persistent sneezing or coughing, even if the person has no known allergies

Frequent allergy attacks on patients

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A mold infestation is not a DIY project – it needs the attention of mold remediation and repair experts. Call American Restoration at 855-432-2728 and we’ll do what’s needed to restore your belongings and prevent the mold from coming back. 

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