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Cleaning up your home after a fire can take a toll on you, both physically and mentally, since you not only have to deal with the financial cost of the damage but also the removal of all traces of smoke, soot, and ash in each individual item that you own.

Sometimes, there is nothing to left to salvage, which can be a truly devastating loss. However, most fires are not as serious, where you don’t have to deal with structural damage but instead work on cleaning and restoring damage to furniture, utensils and dishes, appliances, bedding, curtains and draperies, clothes, and so much more. This job requires professional fire damage restoration, since the usual home cleaning methods may not be enough to thoroughly and safely remove all particles and vapors.

Whenever you need content cleaning services, contact American Restoration Disaster Specialist right away. Our team of expert technicians will head to your property in York, South Carolina and surrounding areas to perform an inventory and cleanup of your belongings, restoring them as close to their original state as possible.

Inventory and Cleanup Go Hand in Hand

A detailed inventory of all the contents of your home and office (and the damage they sustained) is useful for many things. One, it’s a necessary document in filing and speeding up insurance claims. It also makes it easier for you to keep track of everything. Finally, the inventory process helps in determining which of the items can be cleaned and stored within the location or off-site.

After taking inventory, we carefully evaluate. The actual monetary cost is the primary consideration, but sentimental value is also an important factor. Most of the time, if the item is not directly damaged by the fire itself or extreme heat, then it can be restored. The restoration team refers to the inventory document to determine all the clean-up and restoration processes needed – sometimes, when the water lines are damaged by the fire, then water damage restoration services may also be required.

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With the highly skilled and experienced team of professionals from American Restoration Disaster Specialist, rest assured that fire-damaged items like furniture, photographs and documents, rugs, and even precious heirlooms can be restored.

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