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Fire Restoration Process for Fire Damage in Gastonia, NC

When fire disasters strike your home, rely on American Restoration Disaster Specialist to recover quickly from the devastating effects of fire. Our HAAG-Certified team acts quickly to help restore your fire-damaged home to its pre-loss condition. We follow an efficient fire restoration process, but it may change depending on the specific needs of your recovery. It follows as:

  • Step 1: Inspection and Assessment – Before doing anything further, we determine the degree of the fire damage and establish a plan of action. This stage enables us to precisely determine the type of work we must perform to restore your property to its pre-loss condition and to provide you with an accurate quote.
  • Step 2: Boarding-up and Roof Tarping – This service aids in preventing more damage to your house both before and during the repair process. This helps keep trespassers out of your house while construction is taking place and shields it from bad weather.
  • Step 3: Water Damage Restoration – When homes require water removal, drying, and dehumidification due to water damage, this step is usually taken. This is necessary in order to completely restore water-damaged properties and stop the growth of mold since most flames are put out with the use of water.
  • Step 4: Smoke and Soot Removal – This phase involves cleaning the surfaces and other parts of your home of soot and smoke. This often involves cleaning out the harmful residue from your home's ducts, furnishings, ceilings, walls, and other objects.
  • Step 5: Content pack out – At this point, we also pack up and move out items that need to be cleaned up and restored. Our specially trained content team can store your items in our climate-controlled contents facility and return them to you when you are ready for your items to be delivered. 
  • Step 6: Area Cleanup and Disinfecting – Our next step at this stage is to clean up the damaged area once we have eliminated all signs of smoke and soot. We work hard to make sure that your home is thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized in order to get rid of any dangerous materials and unpleasant scents that could harm you and your family.
  • Step 7: Restoration – This is the point at which we finally get to fix up your house or place of business. Repairs, repainting, rewiring, and other jobs like carpet reinstallation and drywall installation are carried out when repairing your house. Prior to handing back your house to you, we also make sure that it has been restored to its pre-damage state.

Let American Restoration Disaster Specialist Restore Your Property

Since 1971, American Disaster Restoration Specialist have been helping residential & commercial property owners recover affordably from fire disasters. Our top-most priority is to return your life or business operations back to normal. Our restoration services are available across Cherryville, Cleveland, Spartanburg, Gastonia, and other surrounding areas in NC.

We offer a wide range of restoration services to fully restore your property from all sorts of effects that fire damage may bring. We offer:

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