Toilet Overflow Repair in Gastonia and Hickory, NC, & York, SC

Toilet Overflow Cleanup in Shelby, Lincolnton, Gastonia & Surrounding Areas

The most common cause of a toilet overflow is a clogged drain. When objects or materials that should not be flushed, such as excessive toilet paper, wipes, hygiene products, or foreign objects, get stuck in the drain or trap, they can block the flow of water and cause an overflow.

When a toilet overflows, it can result in significant water damage to your bathroom and potentially other areas of your home if the water seeps into adjacent rooms or floors. Water can damage walls, flooring, baseboards, and even the structural integrity of your home if left unaddressed. Moreover, toilet water contains bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that can pose health risks. That's why, cleaning up the overflow promptly is crucial to prevent the spread of contaminants and maintain a clean and safe living environment. If you are ever faced with this type of situation, contact American Restoration Disaster Specialist right away at 855-432-2728. Click here to lean more about our water or flood damage clean-up and restoration service.

Why You Need Restoration & Cleanup Service After A Toilet Overflow?

A clogged toilet is not only inconvenient, it’s also unsanitary. It’s even more frustrating as they don't just create a puddle of water that you can wipe away with a towel. Toilet water is contaminated with bacteria that can quickly turn into mold development. This isn't just harmful to your home, it can also compromise your health and the health of your family members.

However, mold growth can lead to other harmful ailments such as respiratory issues, skin irritations or worse, mycotoxin poisoning. When you have toilet water overflowing or mold growing after experiencing toilet overflow issues, you need to contact American Restoration for prompt cleanup and restoration service.

American Restoration Disaster Specialist's Complete Water Damage Restoration

At American Restoration Disaster Specialist, we can remove contaminated toilet water with our thorough water damage restoration process. When it comes to toilet overflow cleanup and plumbing problems, our reliable water overflow and sewage cleanup process consists of removing all contaminated water and harmful bacteria and setting up powerful drying equipment to dry out the moisture and water left behind.

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We serve the surrounding areas of Gastonia or Hickory, NC, and York, SC and we’ll promptly send our water damage experts to your location to assess and resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Contact us at 855-432-2728 today and rest assured that our restoration technicians will deliver quality services every time.


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Gastonia, NC

Crew came out in the early 4-5am to inspect and triage water damage from flooding in a second floor bathroom. They were very professional, explained the steps forward, and gave us equipment to dry out the damage. Would definitely recommend for the fu...

Gastonia, NC

My mother had an emergency water leak called into American Restoration and spoke to lady that answered the phone, Dawn, she was able to help me and send someone out right away.

Gastonia, NC

Called to get directions on what to do about water leak and Dawn was able to give me directions.

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Shelby, NC

The American Restoration mitigation team responded to the call about a water fountain leak, and met with the church pastor on site. The pastor walked our team through the affected areas, and our crew began the work. First they removed baseboards in t...

Shelby, NC

Project Managers immediately dispatched six mitigation technicians with two water extraction trucks to begin work for the client. After the situation was assessed, the technicians divided into separate crews. One crew began inside the least-affected ...

Shelby, NC

Our team arrived onsite to to meet the homeowners and scope the job. They began by removing flooring and pulling appliances away from the walls to determine the extent of the water damage. A barrier was set up to contain the work area and a de-humidi...

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