Structural Restoration

Structural Restoration near Shelby, Lincolnton, Gastonia & Surrounding Areas

American Restoration Disaster Specialist Structural Restoration

Let it be a toilet overflow or a nasty plumbing leak or the overflow of an appliance, cleaning up the mess becomes a concerning thing to deal with. However, the effect standing water has on the structures of your property is much more concerning than the water itself. Your property can succumb to water damage due to the extensive water. If the walls, ceilings, and floors are completely drenched then it's very important to dry them up with proper treatment and care. However, if you aren’t able to get rid of all the moisture, and are afraid of having structural damages, trust the restoration experts at American Restoration Disaster Specialist. We have all the required services and years of experience to restore structural damage by water. Our services are currently available throughout greater Bowling Green, Spartanburg, Rutherfordton, York, and surrounding areas.

Simply give call us at 855-432-2728 or contact us online. We offer-

  • 24/7 immediate response
  • Free assessment
  • IICRC and ICRA certified crew
  • Fully insured and licensed general contractor

Signs to Identify Structural Damage

  • Incessant leaks
  • Foul odors
  • Growth of mold and mildew
  • Weakening composition of organic materials

Leave Your Restoration Needs to American Restoration Disaster Specialist

If are looking for the best restoration contractor for any structural damage caused by water, American Restoration is the answer to your search. We have years of experience to take your property to its former glory. Our recovery team will follow the steps given below to restore your damaged property.

  • Assess the extent of the water damage
  • Remove any compromised material from your property or the affected area
  • Water extraction and drying
  • Inspect the space for the early signs (or existing) mold and microbial growth
  • Repairing and restoring water-damaged structures

When you have questions or want to schedule your cleanup service, call us at 855-432-2728 or contact us online. For years, we have been the go-to restoration company for customers in Shelby, Spartanburg, Rutherfordton, Gaffney, and their surrounding areas.