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Having your home or office damaged by a fire is a harrowing experience indeed. However, the real work to save your property truly begins once the firefighters have left. Smoke and soot can be quite difficult to scrub off using ordinary cleaning methods and can quickly become embedded in the walls and furniture if not removed immediately and properly. What’s more, the residual odor and particles can cause serious health problems.

That’s why it’s important to not only know the number of the fire department – you should also know who to contact to restore your property afterward. Just call American Restoration Disaster Specialist and we’ll dispatch a team of experts to your location. Our entire fire damage restoration team is IICRC certified, so you can rest assured that we are more than qualified to restore your home and property back to its pre-loss condition.

What Smoke and Soot Does to You and Your Home

Some harmful effects of smoke and soot are immediately discernible. Physically, your eyes and nose may be irritated and those with allergies may suffer worse symptoms. For your belongings, the most noticeable damage is discoloration. You can try to clean these on your own, but you’ll most likely be unable to scrub deep and thoroughly enough. This can lead to consequences to your health and property, such as

  • Health problems like respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis
  • Physical and mental development issues in young children
  • Warping and permanent discoloration of wood and tile surfaces
  • Corrosion and tarnishing of metals
  • Damage to electrical components like switches, outlets, and breaker boxes

This is why you need to call fire damage restoration specialists – it’s not only your home’s structure that’s at stake, but everyone living in it, too.

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Oftentimes, restoring your property isn’t just about saving money but also about the sentimental value of the property that you worked so hard for. That’s why American Restoration Disaster Specialist is committed to bringing your home or place of business back to its original state as quickly as we can.

Call us at 855-432-2728 to schedule an appointment anywhere in Shelby, NC, Hickory, NC, and Gaffney, SC and surrounding areas or to learn more about our other restoration services.

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