Smoke Damage Assessment in North Carolina and South Carolina

After a significant scale fire breakout, the second necessary step is to call a professional restoration service to restore the air quality in your property so you and your family are safe from smoke damage related health hazards. Smoke contains several toxic chemicals which when inhaled can cause fatal health damages to the lungs, heart, eyes and skin.

At American Restoration we have team that is certified by several national organizations who monitor and set the standard for smoke damage restoration services. Call American Restoration at855-432-2728 to attain smoke damage assessment services of the highest quality that reflect our long list of qualifications. We offer services in Clover, Columbus and other areas across North and South Carolina

Reasons for professional smoke damage assessment services

  • Health hazard: smoke damage inhalation has a long list of severe health impacts ranging from nausea, drowsiness all the way to extremes such as lung disease, heart attacks and coma. 
  • Smoke odor: smoke damage has a strong unpleasant odor that lingers on for a long time without proper cleaning and restoration compromising indoor air quality.
  • Property damage: smoke damage causes stains in walls leaving behind black or yellow tint. 
  • Eye damage: smoke damage if exposed to the naked eye can cause burning and damage. 
  • Soot: One of the most dangerous aftermaths that is an internal part of smoke damage is a microscopic toxic particulate called soot. Soot on its own is an extremely potent and fatal health hazard. 

Trust American Restoration's highly awarded quality in smoke damage assessment, cleanup and restoration services

We at  American Restoration have a team certified by NAHB, EPA and DKI to name a few. We also have stellar online reviews that validate the quality of our work. We offer 24/7 services in Charlotte, Cherryville and other areas across North and South Carolina. Call American Restoration at 855-432-2728