Soot damage restoration in SC & NC 

A fire outbreak is a traumatizing experience for everyone in the crosshairs of the incident. Fire damage leaves behind soot damage, which is an airborne fine particle of powdered carbon. Soot contaminates the air we breathe which poses an extreme human health hazard due to its highly toxic chemical composition. Inhaling soot causes severe damage to human respiratory health and is considered fatal for people with pre existing respiratory health conditions. Furthermore, soot latches itself onto walls and furniture fabric and cannot be cleaned properly by traditional home cleaning methods. You should call professional cleaners in case of soot damage restoration, same as you would call the fire service in case of a fire outbreak. We offer services in Alexis, Arcadia and other areas across North Carolina and South Carolina

Fatal health hazards of inhaling soot contaminated air

Soot is a microscopic particle which can enter deep into the lungs causing fatal health problems. When soot is airborne as the aftermath of fire damage, it poses a severe human health threat

  • Carcinogens: soot contains chemicals like arsenic, cadmium and chromium which comes from plastic and fuel burning during a fire damage. These chemicals cause cancer
  • Premature death: Long exposure to soot contaminated air poses risk to early death, shortening the average life expectancy age. 
  • Aggravated asthma: Soot contamination can trigger extreme asthma  attacks, especially in infants and children. 
  • Heart attacks: Due to soot's potential in entering the organs in depth as it is a microscopic particle, it poses a threat of causing heart attacks. This health hazard is especially a threat to the elderly or people with preexisting heart or lung conditions. 

Call American Restoration to the rescue for awarded quality of soot cleanup and soot damage restoration services

American Restoration is an affiliated member of EPA and our team is certified by HAAG and many other national, relevant organizations. We are at your aid 24/7. Call American Restoration at 855-432-2728 for soot damage restoration and cleanup in Bostic, Lowell and other areas across South and North Carolina.