Storm Damaged Roof Restoration in Shelby, Lincolnton, Gastonia & Surrounding Areas

Storm Damaged Roof Restoration in Shelby, Lincolnton, Gastonia, & York

Storm Damaged Roof RestorationWhen a major storm damages your roof, it means your home is exposed to the weather until the roof is repaired. During this time, your house can suffer dangerous water leaks that can lead to the need for water damage restoration and mold remediation services. Moreover, persistent water exposure may result in permanent structural issues by misshaping wood and harming other elements of your home.

American Restoration is your trusted local restoration company serving storm damage emergencies in greater Bowling Green, Spartanburg, Rutherfordton, York, and surrounding areas with 24/7 emergency service.

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How a Storm Damages Your Roof in North & South Carolina

  • Wind Damage: A severe wind can cause a series of problems. High wind can loose, detach, or tear off the flashing and shingles. Granules on the shingles get loose free, cumulate in your gutter downspouts, and cause water back up. The chimneys have the possibility to topple too.
  • Hail Damage: Even a small hailstone can harm your roof by loosening shingles, leading to invisible bruises on the underlayment of your roof.
  • Falling Debris Damage: Any kind of debris let it be a tree limb, branch, or anything else, it can pierce your roof deck and cause water to rush in; leading to serious structural damage.
  • Snow and Ice Damage: Heavy snowpack puts excessive pressure on rafters and the underlying structure of your roof. Flashing and masonry can get loosen up by freezing temperatures. Softening snow and ice that refreezes along the roof’s edge can cause water back up and leak beneath shingles or other roofing materials.

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Your roof is the first defense against any calamity, and it faces the most significant damages. The damages may seem minor but can lead to other issues if not addressed ASAP. If you’re worried that a passing storm has damaged your roof contact us right away. We are a certified, professional, and fully-equipped restoration company in Cleveland County to help you restore your home or commercial property. If you have any queries about us or want to schedule your service call us at 855-432-2728 or contact through our contact form.